SFB German in Austria

Variation – Kontakt – Perzeption

The FWF Special Research Programme (SFB) ‘German in Austria. Variation – Contact –Perception’ (F60) is a project that deals with the variety and change of the German language in Austria. The three thematic pillars of the project are variation, contact and perception. This means that the SFB explores how the German language in Austria is used and perceived as well as how it has been influenced by other languages.

Our goal is to make the research methods and results of the project easily available to a wide audience. This includes anyone and everyone interested in the entire spectrum of variation and variety of German in Austria.

About the SFB ‘German in Austria’

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DiÖ – Cluster B – Event
10. November 2022

11. Workshop des Netzwerks „Sprachwissenschaftliche Doktorand:innen der Wiener Germanistik and friends“

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Artikel URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/article/3204
DiÖ – – Article – News
04. October 2022

Verlängerung SFB

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass das Kuratorium des FWF entschieden hat, den SFB DiÖ um weitere 18 Monate zu verlängern! Damit läuft unser SFB bis Juni 2025.

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Artikel URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/article/3168
DiÖ – Cluster B – Event – Workshop
01. September 2022

Workshop: Dissecting Morphological Theory 3: Diminutivization, Allomorphy and the Architecture of Grammar

Dritter Workshop der Reihe "Dissecting Morphological Theory: Diminutivization".
Informationen zur Workshop-Reihe: https://sites.google.com/view/morphologytheories-diminutives/home


Call for papers
Abstract submission deadline (extended): 16. Februar 2022
EasyChair submission link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=dmtd3

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DiÖ – Cluster B – Presentation
05. August 2022

Bülow, Lars; Wallner, Dominik & Philip Vergeiner (05.08.2022): Vortrag in Mainz

  • Bülow, Lars / Wallner, Dominik / Vergeiner, Philip (05.08.2022): Intra-speaker (in-)stability and varietal coherence across the lifespan: Findings from a real-time panel study in Austria. (Methods XVII, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) [URL: https://methodsxvii.uni-mainz.de] M
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Artikel URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/article/3189
DiÖ – Cluster D – Presentation
05. August 2022

Stiglbauer, Rita & Wolfgang Koppensteiner (05.08.2022): Vortrag in Mainz

  • Stiglbauer, Rita / Koppensteiner, Wolfgang (05.08.2022): The interviewer’s role in socio- linguistic interviews regarding non-linguists’ conceptualizations of speech repertoires. (Methods XVII, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) [URL: https://methodsxvii.uni-mainz.de] M
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Artikel URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/article/3190

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