Task Cluster A: Coordination

Task Cluster A consists of the Coordination Project PP01.

The project is responsible for monitoring the progress and facilitating the communication of the individual project parts for the duration of the SFB. The team of the Coordination Project is in charge of setting-up and organising the internal processes of communication among the project parts. This includes assisting with decisions regarding the budget and personnel as well as assisting with scheduling and work plans.

Working closely with PP11, which is responsible for the digital infrastructure, the short term goals of PP01 include the development and maintenance of an internal organisation platform for the entire project.

Further tasks include the optimisation of the communication between the individual project parts; the organisation of project meetings, conferences, workshops and young researchers’ meetings; the evaluation and optimisation of internal and external cooperation as well as the supervision of all the attainment of all project goals in the first project phase and preparation for the second phase of the entire project.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
DiÖ (2021): PP01: Coordination.
In: DiÖ-Online.
URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/projects/task-cluster-a-coordination
[Access: 22.06.2024]
Team: Alexandra N. Lenz (PP01: Projektleitung), Theresa Ziegler (PP01: Projektmitarbeiterin)