Mentoring programme within the framework of the SFB “German in Austria. Variation – Contact – Perception”

In order to support the young researchers of the SFB project “German in Austria. Variation – Contact – Perception” a voluntary mentoring programme was established in the summer semester 2017. This programme provides an excellent platform for all of the PhD candidates involved in the project to benefit from the experience of linguistic professionals from Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. A special thank you goes to all potential mentors who have already offered to be part of the programme.

The mentoring programme will enable PhD candidates to organise individual feedback meetings with their chosen mentors once or twice a year. These feedback talks will cover, inter alia, the mentee’s dissertation and further career opportunities. The concrete mentoring modalities will be formulated in a first meeting. The agreement of this initial meeting will be specified in a mentoring contract that will be signed by both parties. This arrangement will hold for the duration of one year and can be extended to the end of the project term if the cooperation is productive for the mentee as well as for the mentor.