Task Cluster D: Perception

Task Cluster D deals with language attitudes and language perception, especially with regard to German in Austria. At the same time, this task cluster addresses questions of the perceptual and attitudinal relationships among the subjective concepts of dialect, vernacular (non-standard) and standard language.

For this purpose, various groups of people and social circles will be considered and compared.  Project Part 10 investigates the language attitudes and language perception of pupils and their teachers in different types of schools located in four different Austrian states. The data acquisition for Project Part 08 is being conducted comprehensively all over Austria, providing the basis for extensive analyses with regard to the question of how standard varieties as well as other registers of the German language are conceptualised ‘in the minds’ of adults who live in Austria.

Furthermore, the social dimensioning of varieties and changing parameters of language attitudes between the poles of prestige and stigma will be analysed by means of a combination of different methods comprising (socio-)linguistic as well as demographic approaches.

PP08: Standard varieties from the perspective of perceptual variationist linguistics
PP10: Perceptions of and attitudes towards varieties and languages at Austrian schools

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Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
DiÖ (2021): Task Cluster D: Perception.
In: DiÖ-Online.
URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/projects/task-cluster-d-perception
[Access: 24.07.2024]
Team: Alexandra N. Lenz (PP01: Projektleitung), Stephan Elspaß (PP02: Projektleitung), Elisabeth Buchner (PP10: Projektmitarbeiterin), Jan Höll (PP08: Projektmitarbeiter), Wolfgang Koppensteiner (PP08: Projektmitarbeiter), Yvonne Rusch (PP10: Projektmitarbeiterin), Rita Stiglbauer (PP08: Projektmitarbeiterin), Daniela Zenz (PP10: Studentische Hilfskraft), Monika Dannerer (PP10: kooptiert), Manfred Glauninger (PP05: kooptiert), Irmtraud Kaiser (PP10: kooptiert), Barbara Soukup (PP08: kooptiert)