PP03: Speech Repertoires and Varietal Spectra

This project part has two aims: First a large-scale survey and analysis of the individual linguistic repertoires of native speakers of German in rural areas of Austria, and second the analysis of the dynamics and structure of the dialect-standard-axis (so called vertical variation spectra) in various research locations all over Austria.

The following questions (among others) will be investigated within the project: How are the ‘vertical’ variation spectra of German structured in Austria? Where do dialects end and ‘colloquial speech’ or intermediate varieties (regiolects) begin? Is there a continuum of concentration zones on the dialect-standard-axis or is it possible to draw clear(er) lines between different varieties? Which sections of the complex variation spectrum are used by which speakers in which situational-pragmatic contexts and functions in which ways?

To answer these questions, the project aims at investigating not only one linguistic level but explores phenomena of linguistic change in pronunciation (phonetics/phonology) as well as in grammar (syntax and morphology). In the second project phase, there will be a focus on intonation (prosody), vocabulary (lexis) and verbal action (pragmatics) as well.

To be able to analyse these various levels in an adequate way, we will use on the one hand well-known traditional methods (e.g., recording of conversations and text reading) and on the other hand recent innovative approaches (e.g., speech production tests).

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DiÖ (2021): PP03: Speech Repertoires and Varietal Spectra.
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