PP04: Vienna and Graz – cities and their influential force

Project part 04 focuses on language use in the urban centres Vienna and Graz as well as in their respective agglomeration areas. The general aim of PP04 is to gain a holistic insight into the complex diversity of urban varieties by analysing discourse data of current language use. The data basis will consist of recordings of carefully selected informants of different age groups in various settings and situations. With regard to the planned grammatical and phonetic/phonological analyses, variationist linguistic and interactional conversational methods will be systematically combined, ensuring quantitative and qualitative results. In view of the project’s variationist and socio-pragmatic focus, the main research questions are: What constitutes urban varieties as opposed to varieties in rural settings and is there evidence of an urban influence on surrounding communities? Which linguistic differences can be determined between Vienna and Graz? What kinds of correlations with extra-linguistic factors can be established? What influences individual language behaviour and the choice of varieties or variants used by speakers in urban centres in specific contexts?

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DiÖ (2021): PP04: Vienna and Graz – cities and their influential force.
In: DiÖ-Online.
URL: https://www.dioe.at/en/projects/task-cluster-b-variation/pp04
[Access: 24.07.2024]